~ photos ~

other than the photo albums below, there are also other photos and albums in my flickr account. some of the photos are replicated, although many of them aren't.

Botanical Garden Singapore (23 September 2006)
ari, koda and i spent our saturday in the park.

Alfa and Aldo Wedding (13 May 2006)
a bunch of us went to Alfa and Aldo's wedding. the photos from this album is taken from my camera and Naomi's camera.

Star Wars Exhibition (19 March 2006)
we went to see the Star Wars Exhibition that has been going on for the last 5 months in Singapore Science Centre.

Japan Trip: Day 10 (2 January 2006)
the last album from the Japan trip. the Eight Jigoku of Beppu, photos of APU (Jessi's school) and our visit to the Jazz cafe of our Minsyuku.

Japan Trip: Day 9 (1 January 2006)
Tenjin area in Fukuoka, bus ride to Beppu, our cute Minsyuku, dinner at a small Machi-ya.

Japan Trip: Day 8 (31 December 2005)
Daizafu Shrine, Fukuoka Tower, Yahoo! Dome, Ramen Stadium, purikura, sushi, and New Year's fireworks.

Japan Trip: Day 7 (30 December 2005)
Amerika-Mura, a little bit of Kita area, Kansai airport, and Fukuoka at night.

Japan Trip: Day 6 (29 December 2005)
Osaka Aquarium, Art Museum and Giant ferriswheel. that night, we went to Chanko restaurant and walked around Nanba area.

Japan Trip: Day 5 (28 December 2005)
Gion in the morning. train ride to Osaka. a little of Umeda + Shinsaibashi area. mostly Dotombori at night.

Japan Trip: Day 4 (27 December 2005)
went to the Nanzen-ji Temple complex and walked around that area for half of the day. had lunch at Owari-ya, a very delicious soba place. short walk at the southern part of Imperial palace.

Japan Trip: Day 3 (26 December 2005)
lunch at Kiyomizu-dori, visit to Sanjusangendo temple, pictures of our ryokan and night walk around the Ponto-cho again.

Japan Trip: Day 2 (25 December 2005)
we walked around the Higashiyama area, visiting the Kiyomizu Temple, Sannen Zaka, Maruyama Koen and stopped at Chon-in Temple. at night, we tried an Izakaya for dinner.

Japan Trip: Day 1 (23-24 December 2005)
photos of KLIA airport and Kansai airport. we walked around the Kyoto Station, the downtown area of Kyoto, Ponto-cho and Gion area.

DesignEdge 2005 (10-12 November 2005)
IdN DesignEdge Conference photos.

Decade of Decadence (11 November 2005)
photos from Phunk Studio's show.

Koda at Botanical Garden (06 November 2005)
koda's first time visit to Singapore's Botanica Garden... or to a large park for that matter.

The New G5 (01 October 2005)
ari's new Apple computer. it's so pretty that we had to make a photo album out of it.

The New Home (28 July 2005)
we took a tour of our new-and-very-white home on the day we got our keys.

Melaka Trip (16 July 2005)
photos from our one-day trip to Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia.

Around the Fort Canning (19 June 2005)
a few pictures taken when we walked around the Fort Canning area. lots of museums.

Kampong Glam (17 June 2005)
random pictures taken when we walked around the Kampong Glam area.

Underwater World - Sentosa (12 June 2005)
we went to the Sentosa's Underwater World to see some water creatures.

Dolphin Lagoon & Palawan Beach (12 June 2005)
after the Underwater adventure, we went to see pink dolphins in action and walked around the beach.

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom (12 June 2005)
then, we visited the butterfly and insect house, still in Sentosa... what a long day!

Wedding Trivia (27 March 2005)
sixteen trivia cards about ari and i that were scattered around the wedding venue.

Wedding Party - by Naomi (27 March 2005)
another unofficial album of our wedding party in Jakarta. this one is taken by Naomi, my cousin.

Wedding Party - by Jessi (27 March 2005)
the unofficial photos of our wedding party in Jakarta. taken mostly by Jessi, ari's sister.

Wedding - Dinner (27 December 2004)
the dinner after the church ceremony. it's not your typical wedding dinner, though. it's still in Singapore.

Wedding - Church Ceremony (27 December 2004)
pictures of our wedding, the church ceremony part, which took part in the morning of 27th of December in Singapore.

Wedding - Registration of Marriage (23 December 2004)
the real date of our wedding, where our wedding is legally registered in Singapore.

Ditha's Tattoo (14 October 2004)
Noushka's birthday present for Ditha: a new tattoo. these are pictures of the making of the tattoo.

Pictionary & Karaoke (02 October 2004)
one of the saturdays spent with my family.

Taman Mini Family Trip (12 September 2004)
my big family went on a day trip to Taman Mini Indonesia. We went to see butterflies, fish, birds and science museum.

Botanical Garden Singapore (03 July 2004)
i've been into flowers lately. And this is the orchid frenzy photos that ari and i took during our visit to National Orchid Garden in Singapore's Botanical Garden.

Ramanda's Graduation (22 May 2004)
small gallery of my brother's graduation. the ceremony itself was too dark to capture by my digital camera.

Peter Rabbit (13 May 2004)
photos of a way-to-cute bunni that belongs to the daughter of my co-worker. i didn't take this pictures. Rick, the father of the little girl, did. but i love the bunni so much that i just have to post it here.

ACCA Building (9 May 2004)
nishkra and anez took me to take a quick look at the building of contemporary art center in Melbourne. really small album. only 6 photos.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Brisbane (9 January 2004)
ari and i wanted to see real koalas and kangoroos. so we went to a Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane.

Museum and Aquarium in Melbourne (7 January 2004)
ari and i visited the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Aquarium in a rainy day.

Bunnysitting Daisy (6-7 December 2003)
i bunnysit Daisy for a few weeks. these are pictures i took of him when he was staying in my house in Melbourne.

Brisbane + Gold Coast (30 August 2003)
my first time in Gold Coast. i just arrived from Melbourne and immediately Noush, Lumba2, Viska and i drove to the Surfer's Paradise.

A Day in My Life (08/13/03)
a 1-day project started at godote's forum, where we're supposed to pick a day, bring a camera with us, and take photos of things around us on that day.

Carita - Bandulu (06/30/03 - 07/02/03)
family trip to Carita, a beach on the northeast of Java.

Sidney Day-Trip (05/21/03)
a one-day trip to Sidney with Lendra right after my birthday... it was a neat birthday present :)

Dolly Reunion I (02/02/03)
a birthday party for two of my highschool bestfriends, Annette and Putje, that served also as our mini reunion.

Bali Trip (01/16-18/03)
i stayed in Bali for two nights with my parents and some of my dad's business people.

Tokyo Stop-over (3-5 December 2002)
ari, ramanda and i stopped over at Tokyo on our way back to Jakarta when we moved out of New York City for good. Tokyo was pouring rain the whole time we were there. it was not a good day for tourists like us.

Alyssa's Birthday Brunch (11/23/02)
a birthday brunch for alyssa the day after her birthday at Starfoods.

Sayonara Party (11/16/02)
our farewell party before leaving New York with a bunch of wonderful people.

Savannah Trip Part 2 (11/02/02)
the second day at savannah. mostly pictures of ari and i walk around the River Street with more bebe photos.

Savannah Trip Part 1 (11/01/02)
photos of the three of us (ari, bebe and i) on the plane.

Tour Apartemen Ramanda (11/01-03/02)
a small tour for my family back home of my brother's apartment (this album is in indonesian!)

Hockey: Rangers vs. Maple Leaf (10/15/02)
my first and only NHL game i watch. with scogin, liz and ari. it was New York Rangers vs. Toronto Maple Leaf. awesome game and the pictures don't justify it.

Packing & Moving at Ari's Apt. (09/21-22/02)
one of the moving weekends, when ari and i cleaned, packed and moved most of ari's belongings to my apartment.

Bolt Offsite 2002 (08/08/02)
photos of company offsite at a beach in New Jersey

Releasing the Turtles (08/03/02)
the time when ari and i release our turtles into the Turtle Pond in Central Park.

Sushi Making At Jane's (07/27/02)
homemade sushi dinner at Jane's place.

Los Angeles Day 3 (07/06/02)
3rd Street Promenade and early Mexican Dinner.

Los Angeles Day 2 (07/05/02)
Brunch at Lulu's and tons of Getty's pictures.

Los Angeles Day 1 (07/03-04/02)
Jet Blue, Arrival on Long Beach, and Hiking on the 4th of July... then my camera's battery went dead.

MoMA QNS (06/29/02)
the opening of MoMA QNS + a couple of random pictures.

MET and Central Park (06/01/02)
saturday on the roof and the park along with thousands other new yorkers.

Hanging out on a Saturday (05/11/02)
a night out with cia, stan, anna and harry.

Lower East Side (05/10/02)
random pictures from a walk downtown.

Boston Trip (05/03/02)
a day business trip to Boston.

Amanda's Birthday Party (03/23/02)
fun fun fun karaoke party.

Okemo II (03/14-17/02)
our second snowboarding trip to vermont. this time, we brought our camera to the slope.

Okemo (02/8-10/02)
snowboarding trip to okemo, vermont -- with jane, alyssa, george, jen, mike d, amanda, hafeez, jase, shannon, eric, and ari. we didn't take as many pictures as we wished we had.

Table Painting (01/06/02)
we had nothing to do, so we painted my dining table.

Christmas Day (12/25/01)
chilly christmas minus the snow.

d.u.m.b.o. Festival - Brooklyn (10/21/01)
a beautiful day to take photos.

Generationrice Party (10/13/01)
it's also Stan's birthday party.

Ari in San Francisco (10/09/01)
ari's trip to the San Francisco area. note how empty the airport is.

Björk (10/04/01)
photos of blurry Björk when she performed in the Radio City Music Hall, NY. these are Jane's photos, since the security dudes took my camera away... :(

Union Square (09/22/01)
two weeks after the tragedy.

Random Digicam
just random shots that ari and i take whenever we have our digicam with us.

Museum and Slides (09/13/01)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Toraya the Japanese Snack and Tea House, and Central Park -- with ari, cia, and stan.

Midtown During the Tragedy (09/11/01)
i was stranded in Midtown Manhattan when the World Trade Center Towers slammed and collapsed.

Stuffed Toys from Home (09/06/01)
Goodies that my brother brought from home: TarePandas from Noush and my aunt, Chili, made me these cute Char and little cute things.

Bebe, Tutey and Tupu (09/03/01)
newest photos of our pets: Bebe the bunny, and Tutey & Tupu the little turtles.

Midtown Manhattan (08/26/01)
ari and i decided to walk around the touristy area in Manhattan. then, we just take random photos.

Brooklyn Museum of Art & St. Marks (08/25/01)
we weren't allowed to take photos inside of the museum (although i got one photo, and got yelled right away. sorry), so most of the photos are quite boring.

U&D Outting (07/07/01)
Usability & Design group night out, courtesy of jane and cia. those drunk people are: halle, alyssa, cia, jane, george, miked, michael, hafeez, liz, jase and i. or you can see our noses. hee.

Forest Hills (03/01)
photos of the Forest Hills Garden, pretty place near ari's apartment. it was a beautiful day too.

Disposable Cam (02/01)
disposable cameras sucks. i will never buy it again.

Savannah, Georgia (11/00)
photos when ari and i visited my brother, who goes to SCAD. what a lovely town.

Ari's turtles
cute little turtles. tupu loves camera. tutey is a bit shy. they are now have grown up.

Bronx Zoo (07/00)
we finally went to Bronx Zoo. i wish we took more photos, though.

PS-1, Queens (07/00)
cool place. everything there is worth to take picture of. too bad my digicam sucks.