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Hokkaido 2015 Day 1: Arriving at Sapporo

this is a backtracking entry for the Hokkaido trip back in June 2015. i’m going to start posting the trip stories little by little.

the plane left for Hokkaido at 12:45PM, very close to midnight. aina was very sleepy. after watching 1 movie on the plane, we basically slept the whole way to Sapporo… we woke up as soon as the wheel touched the ground. yay!


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Hello WordPress! 

after years and years of contemplating, i finally gave in and migrated my blog, Expiration Date, to WordPress. i know, i have been lazy in updating the blog. the instagram is much easier and accessible. but maybe, just maybe, this change will make us start writing again :)

the migration turned out pretty easy and went smoother than i thought. what took the longest was finding a theme that i liked… And honestly, i’m still not very happy with this one… i need to learn to make WP themes…

there are a few changes (besides the layout… currently using a freebies) on the site:

  • the url of the blog is now simply avocadolite.com/blog. the expirationdate has expired… :)
  • the archiving system has changed, although is still wonky.

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The Conception of 8-bit Needles

when Aldo messaged me back in July about getting involved in Super Robot Day Bandung, ari and i agreed right away, that we will participate. we still didn’t know what we were going to make, but it’s Super Robot! we grew up with them!

after a week of doing nothing, we finally started thinking. originally, we were going to do digital illustration or pixel-art stuff. the problem is our home computer no longer has photoshop or illustrator. and working on ari’s work computer after hour would not give us enough time…

so we came up with pixel-art of the Super Robot, drawn by ari and aina on the computer (aina really did some of the God Sigma’s body!), and i translated them into a cross-stitching craft work.

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Hokkaido 2015 Day 1: Suvarnabhumi Transit

the unhappy koda

the unhappy koda

since our flight took off at night, we spent the whole day running around, buying stuff and packing.

koda seemed to know that we were about to leave for a holiday. she looked sad and a bit sulky the whole day… i always feel bad that we have to leave her at home whenever we fly out for a holiday. i wish someday we could easily bring our pets along during travel… maybe someday.

anyway, by 6pm, we were all packed and ready to go. the travel plan for this trip required a lot of moving around.we were going to do city/town-hopping, where we only stay 1-2 days at one place.  we were going to be in and out of the trains and public transportation a lot. so we had to pack lightly. we ended up with one medium-sized suitcase (we were going to go with a large backpack, but it turns out that our old one is not big enough), one small backpack for aina, one regular-sized backpack for ari and one hand-carry tote for me. oh and a snowy, of course.

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Melaka 2015

this entry is written by Aina! it’s her first contribution to Expiration Date, as an effort to preserve her memory. and the entry is unedited, copied straight from her notebook, so pardon the spelling and grammar mistakes… and some of the sentences don’t make sense XD. this writing is finished on 1 May 2015.

Luxury Coach is a very nice and comfortable bus. There is a cupboard that when you open it, you can pull out a table. Oh yes! Silly me, I’ve forgot to tell you where I was going. Hee hee. I was going to… Melaka! Wich is in Malaysia.

Anyway as I was saying about the bus… the seats of the bus can really lean back. And there was a TV.

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Halloween Prep: Ice King Costume

since the theme of this year’s Trick-or-Treat party is Adventure Time, ari wanted to be the Ice King, his favorite character.


and this character is the most fun to make :)

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Koda and Cancer

This is Koda. She’s my dog, and she’s 9 years old… Two years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, called Mast Cell Tumor, and had to go through an operation to lift out the cancer. The operation was not successful, the cancer is still in her.

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7 years old…


7th year milestones:

  • lost most of her front baby teeth, and being replaced with the permanent teeth.
  • this year was the first time ari had to go away for a business trip more than a day. she cried at the airport during the farewell.
  • this is also the year where she had to spend a few days without me. i had to fly to jakarta to see my dad who was in the hospital, and aina stayed at home with ari for three days. a lot of crying from her. that was a milestone for both of us XD…
  • the biggest change this year is that, aina is now a Primary School student. she was very nervous on the first day, but has been doing very well in her class ever since. she prepares her own school stuff, she does her homework and school work. she got Star of the Week badge that she’s been craving. so, it’s all good.
  • and she keeps in touch with a few friends from kindergarten.
  • as she turned 7, she also moved up to Ballet 1 class. no longer a pre-ballet student, she’s now doing real barre and footwork like “the big girls”.
  • we went to japan, and she got sick there to the point that we had to see a doctor and she got quarantine. after getting a flu test (where a small prong being inserted into her nose and swung around), she is now very scared of japanese doctors. flu test is a traumatic experience for her.
  • an important moment for her: watched the movie Frozen… that made her go crazy over Elsa and sang that song 50 times a day… that drove us crazy, too.

and today, on her birthday, she got two huuuuge presents this morning.
a big box of beads from binggi & bubu, that we gave it to her while she’s still sleeping…

aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday

and from Relly, she got this humogous bear, later named Cinnamon.

aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday
aina's 7th birthday

flying yoga

Last week, I was in Jakarta for 4 days. My dad was admitted into the hospital due to some spine and nerve problems, and I flew immediately to see them… But that’s probably a different story and a different entry.

Anyway, I was there to keep my mom and dad company. Their gym was right across from the hospital, a very convenient distance. So I managed to work out almost everyday, using Vio’s guest pass (thank you, Vio!). And surprisingly, the gym has Flying Yoga class for free! I’ve been wanting to try this class for a long time because it looks fun… But Flying Yoga classes in Singapore are either far from my house, conducted in an inconvenient time, or very expensive… or all three.

So this time, I made time to try this class, dragging Vio along to the class. And it was super fun!

trying out Flying Yoga... super fun!

Compare to the regular yoga class I attend regularly (I take hatha and vinyasa classes every week), this flying yoga class feels very easy… Maybe because I’m only trying out beginner poses. But I love the fact that I can go into inversion poses without much effort. Being upside down in flying yoga is soooooo easy compare to doing headstand/handstand! there are no pressure or strain on the shoulders or wrists, And what’s left is only a comfortable feeling. and the whole flying sensation is very soothing, relaxing and fun at the same time.

Supposedly, with flying yoga, you can get the benefit of inversion (like the relaxation and fixing alignment issues) without the straining issues.

trying out Flying Yoga... super fun!
trying out Flying Yoga... super fun!

Since everything feels easy (cruching and leg-lift felt easier than done on the ground), I went crazy trying out all different poses, swings and stretches. Fortunately, my mat-neighbor was very good at this. Her name was Erna and she could do all the weird hanging poses. And she didn’t mind helping me going into poses and all. So she was teaching me all kinds of things, until finally the teacher had to stop us because we started to go into poses that was too dangerous for me. Oops.
During the class I was dripping sweat, but I didn’t feel the usual fatigue I felt during a vinyasa class. In fact, I felt so energized and happy during and all through the day after class…
But the next day, I realized that even though it FELT easy, my body really did work hard… I was sore all over my back, shoulders and tummy, hahaha. So, that flying yoga class really works!

trying out Flying Yoga... super fun!

I think I’m hooked. I gotta find a flying yoga class in Singapore!

Mrs. Jekyll & Little Hyde – finished

mrs. jekyll & little hyde beany

yay, the Mrs. Jekyll & Little Hyde hat is done! and, yes, i loooove this hat. i knitted it using a 100% cashmere, and it’s double-layered, so it’s super warm… maybe a little too warm. we’ll see.

the lace part was very fun to do, and the stripy part is easy. such a pretty, lovely and enjoyable pattern from La Maison Rililie.

but i might’ve done something wrong, because the lace-side of the hat seems to be shorter than the stripy-side. i love the slouch on the stripy side, so i might redo the lace and add a few more rows of lace.

and i might make a smaller version for aina.

the WIP posts: 1, 2. and this hat is in my Ravelry page, too.

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