Trick-Or-Treat Night 2015

    Two weekends ago, right on the 31st of October, we threw another Halloween Party. But Ari and I were so busy that we didn’t take many pictures during the party. It…

  • aina as sadako
    Craft Halloween

    Halloween Prep: Sadako and Her Well

    Yes, Aina is a ghost this year! Now that she is old enough and brave enough to do a scary theme,  she’ll be Sadako-coming-out-of-the-well this year… Yep, that Sadako from Ringu.…

  • tooth
    Health Issues

    Another Crown Bites the Dust

    For the past few days, it had been a pain to have a glass of cold water or a cup of hot tea. Literally a pain… My right jaw and cheek was hurting after drinking almost…

  • school uniform-like
    Wardrobe Remix

    WR: School Uniform… Kinda.

    Aina said this looks like her school uniform: blue pinafore with white shirt underneath. I’m still waiting for my white sneakers to arrive, to make it more like her school uniform.…

  • 21600033354_abd8e504b6_o
    aina Ballet

    Coppelia Costume Has Arrived!

    Aina was ecstatic last night, because right after her ballet class in the afternoon, the school distributed the end-of-year performance Coppelia costumes for her class. All the children in her class…

  • IMG_4478-0
    aina Art & Illustration

    The Cuddly Land

    Like most kids, Aina has an imaginary world (I used to have one too during my primary school years). Hers is called The Cuddly Land, and it’s located in her room,…

  • 20551934792_ebb99dca1f_o

    Hello WordPress! 

    after years and years of contemplating, i finally gave in and migrated my blog, Expiration Date, to Wordpress. i know, i have been lazy in updating the blog. the instagram is…